A Screen & Cultural Studies major whose hobbies include refreshing her YouTube subscriptions feed, getting emotionally invested in TV shows and baking things. I like piercings, musicals and Spider-Man.

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listening to the pj episode of not too deep and he just said “down to clown”. i know game grumps didn’t invent this, but i also know pj watches gg so that’s probs why it’s snuck into his vocabulary, as it has with me.

#i don't know why i felt it was important to post this haha #i just enjoyed pj saying it tbh #i just enjoy pj
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old fashioned games & new fashioned friends

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The cauldron spilled over.

Purple ombre / jelly sandwich, bottom —› top:

  • Zoya Miley
  • L’Oreal Lilac Coolers
  • L’Oreal Berry Nice
  • Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Orange swirl dry marble:

  • Sinful Colors Cloud 9
  • Sinful Colors Opal Glitter
  • NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost

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Got that just finished a book happy but sad feeling.

#and the story line may have left me feeling a little lonely #not that I needed much help in that department
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Olive Park and The River

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I’ve watched Catfish the tv show, but never actually seen the documentary. I’m watching it now for uni and some of it is incredibly hard to watch… It’s so cringeworthy.

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My… fate…

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Miniature sculptures by Isaac Cordal


absolutely lovely

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